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Asset Management Workshop “Real world approaches to cleaning and managing your flooring assets”

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B8danaMCAAAl9b0BCCCA – January 27th Luncheon – Asset Management Workshop Presented by Tim Clifford

At our last luncheon in January we had the pleasure of hearing from Tim Clifford of Wood Wyant.

Tim presented a very comprehensive workshop about providing good care for our customers assets. Below are a few key points Tim spoke on.

Thank you Tim for spending so much of your time putting together this valuable information so that our BCCCA Members can be educated on how to have an Asset management program in their businesses

Stay tuned!……..More Workshops to come on Asset Managment.

Our customers assets are a significant investment for them.

Their floors are subjected to wear & tear not associated with other surfaces ….. it has been estimated that 80% of soil entering the building does so via hard water.

For floor care the proper knowledge and understanding of the flooring surface is more challenging than ever. We are trying to not only extend the life of the floor but have the floor simply last its expected life.

Are you being asked to more with less? Do some floors look dirty even after cleaning ?

If you answered yes to either of these questions you definitely need an Asset Management Program

People assets …we all know that labour is one of our biggest expenditure in our contracts, some floors may require more time to clean ,dry and keep safe, Today’s new floors types present new challenges.

The right tools will always focus on ergonomics, safety , and productivity

Money managers are concerned about the short term costs which is our labour & maintenance .The long term cost is the asset it itself

Its quite silly to save one dollar per hour when it could be cutting off years of useful life of that asset

So the average life of installed carpet is 6yrs before it needs to be replaced. $300.000.00 (cost of the asset) divided by 6 = $50.000.00 a high cost to the client. What if we could extend the life of the carpet to 8yrs or 10yrs if you divide $300,000.00 (cost of the asset) by 10 it would come down to $30,000.00 per year, quite a savings.

That would be very attractive to clients and you can show your clients that putting some of those savings into a more pro-active cleaning program or into automated equipment makes financial sense for them.

By learning this information it shows that you are doing what you can to protect your clients investments.

Some key points to think about when adding a finish to a floor, will finish adhere to the surface?…. will the finish damage the surface?…. can the finish be stripped from the floor when required without damaging the surface ?…… these are things that quite often are not taken into account.

Program such as these …….Daily maintenance, that captures the 10% – 40 % that is not captured by the matting outside the door.

Interim maintenance meant to put off restorative maintenance. If you can deep scrub on scheduled maintenance it will help to avoid major restorative process of the floor

……Stripping the floor surface is not anyone’s first choice !

Stay tuned……more workshops to come !