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  • Thank Your Cleaner Day!

      On September 27th at the BCCCA monthly  luncheon.  The British Columbia Contract Cleaners Association  partnered  with Karcher Canada,  to promote and recognize one day a year to thank and acknowledge the vital contribution that cleaners make to our everyday lives. Steven Hughes of  Kärcher Canada presented the following: Steve gave  ...

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  • Who Really Cares About The Washrooms?

    At the September 22nd BCCCA luncheon, Michael Houang – Market Manager for Kimberly Clark did a presentation on Hand Hygiene for the Healthy Workplace – The following is a synopsis of that Presentation. Thank you Michael Houang of Kimberly Clark - One of the Challenges today : ...

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  • Asset Management Workshop “Real world approaches to cleaning and managing your flooring assets”

    BCCCA – January 27th Luncheon – Asset Management Workshop Presented by Tim Clifford At our last luncheon in January we had the pleasure of hearing from Tim Clifford of Wood Wyant. Tim presented a very comprehensive workshop about providing good care for our customers assets. Below are a few key points Tim spoke on. Thank you Tim for spending so much of your time putting together ...

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    Breakfast for Learning’s 2014/15 grants have been distributed to schools across Canada, and hungry children are getting the nourishment they need to start their school day! Nutrition programs not only help schools provide healthy meals and snacks to their students, they also play a role in educating students about good nutrition and fostering a sense of community. “Our students are our future leaders, and ...

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  • Our tweet: Tim Clifford presented Asset Management Workshop a…

    Tim Clifford presented Asset Management Workshop at BCCCA luncheon

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