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  • Green Cleaning Myths

    Don't let These Green Cleaning Myths Hold Your Organization Back! Did you know that Green Cleaning is becoming increasingly important for businesses wanting to maintain a competitive advantage? Consumers want to do business with organizations that care about the environment, and employees want to work for businesses that are as passionate about their people as they are about their profits But even though implementing a Green Cleaning program offers significant benefits , a few common misconceptions prevent some ...

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  • Do we want Sustainable Cleaning Staff?

    Recently the Globe and Mail published an article by Wendy Stueck. Excerpts taken from the article  Nov 1, 2013 Wendy reported that a small group of workers and supporters  rallied at a downtown office support 150 cleaning staff who face losing their jobs or being rehired for the same work at lower wage. The workers, employed by North Vancouver-based Servantage, were to lose their jobs at midnight.....when Servantage's contract with Cadillac Fairview expired. Cadillac Fairview, which ...

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  • Our tweet: At the BCCCA Trade show. Met Calvin Wray from Juic…

    At the BCCCA Trade show. Met Calvin Wray from Juice Creative.

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  • Part 4: 4 phases of maintenance in a proper cleaning program that you will need to implement

    1. Preventative Maintenance  is by far the most important step in a green cleaning program in a green cleaning program. To prevent the soils that damage your floors from entering your facility. This is done by sweeping, and matting. The more soil that enters your facility, the more your finished floors and carpet need maintenance. Most facilities do not have enough matting.   6Feet of matting only reduces  the amount of soil brought in by  40% ...

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  • Part 3 : So How Does soil being tracked in drive your maintenance procedures,chemical usage and budget, and cleaning program?

    On carpet , soils that are allowed to accumulate in the fibers scratch and de-luster the firbres resulting in permanent damage. Carpet that is not on a routine maintenance program requires a lot of water and chemical to deep clean to an acceptable level. Carpet that cannot be cleaned to an acceptable appearance level is thrown away and replaced. the EPA estimates that we throw away 4.7 billion pounds of carpet every year. which , ...

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