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  • Part 2 :Why Do We Even Have To Use A Chemical To Clean In The First Place?

    When discussing green, many in the cleaning industry are looking at green chemicals, recycled toilet paper, and even cleaning without chemicals. But does this approach truly meet the goal of cleaning green , which is to both minimize the harmful environment impact of cleaning and sustain the built, or indoor , environment? Studies and science of cleaning point to one irrefutable fact: The greenest thing you can do is to clean properly. Certainly green chemicals and ...

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  • Part 1 – So what is “Green” ?- a Green White Paper Published by Windsor

    It is often the simplest things we do  that makes the biggest difference. In the cleaning industry one of the "greenest thing you can do is to clean properly" According to this "Green White Paper" the following information is critical in understanding on how to clean properly. All the "Green" messaging that we hear today can leave us feeling "green-washed" How does a janitorial company implement  a program that is not only green, but helps the company  ...

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  • Knowledge is the New Currency

    I, Recently attended a presentation about  "Insightful Selling" . It was explained by the presenter Adon Rigg,  that no longer is  just  selling  a product is enough. Telling your customer to purchase your product because it is " good" will not result in a sale. However sharing knowledge of how the product will perform and how it will directly benefit your customers work environment( an environment you have a working knowledge of ...

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  • A Good Vacuum Cleaner….”SUCKS”

    Until someone namely,Sir James Dyson, became frustrated with how the bag of his newly purchased vacuum cleaner became clogged and lost suction within a very short time, Vacuum cleaner technology went unchallenged for 100yrs. Sir James Dyson's engineering background made him curious. Why did the vacuum bags clog? That was 1979. He spent the next dozen or so years producing 5,127 prototypes, which almost led him to bankruptcy. Finally in 1993, after being turned down by many ...

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  • Our tweet: Spring is in the air. Don’t let the dust be. Let M…

    Spring is in the air. Don't let the dust be. Let Metropolitan do your Spring Cleaning!

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