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Breakfast for learning

Breakfast for Learning’s 2014/15 grants have been distributed to schools across Canada, and hungry children are getting the nourishment they need to start their school day! Nutrition programs not only help schools provide healthy meals and snacks to their students, they also play a role in educating students about good nutrition and fostering a sense of community. “Our students are our future leaders, and investing in their learning through nutrition programs is vital to their success,” says Breakfast for Learning Director of Community and Organizational Development, Kelly Berlinic. “Breakfast for Learning is proud to work with schools and communities across Canada to help ensure all students have the nourishment they need to succeed at school.”

Over the past 20 years, Breakfast for Learning has helped to nourish more than 3.6 million children from coast to coast, providing over 554 million meals and snacks.

Thanks to the amazing contributions from supporters like you, Breakfast for Learning is making the following investments this school year:


Phill is a teacher at one of the 1,899 schools funded by Breakfast for Learning. Several years ago his elementary school was able to start a nutrition program with help from Breakfast for Learning that has completely transformed his school into a happier, calmer place.

As a volunteer with the breakfast program, Phill sees first-hand the profound impact the program has on the students both in and out of the classroom. “I watch each week as my most vulnerable students have a healthy breakfast, a snack or lunch and are then more prepared to learn and participate actively in school and social activities,” Phill says. He’s found that the food choices offered by the nutrition program have also increased awareness and appetite for healthier snack alternatives like yogurt.

In Phill’s own words, “Instead of feeling tired, hungry and possibly different because they don’t have food from home, these students are happier, more engaged and it may make coming to school that much easier for them. I can personally attest that greater connection and engagement have a positive influence on academic success.”

You can help make a difference for hungry children in schools like Phill’s by giving a gift that nourishes to honour a loved one, a teacher or a friend today. Whether you choose a healthy snack or meal, you are making a positive impact in a child’s life. Together we can help feed more hungry children, nourishing their bodies and minds.

We are Metropolitan are happy to support this organization. ” Our Students Are Our Future Leaders ” and they need to know that people care that as a national community we are committed to their future!