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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Microfiber Cloths and Ionator

Metropolitan strives to use the best quality cleaners that have the highest standards of Green qualities. All our EcoLogo Certified products are 3rd Party certified, to meet the highest industry standards of being both manufactured and formulated to the highest standard of biodegradability, harmlessness, healthiness, and sustainability. This allows Metropolitan to both clean for appearance and for health, to make us a quality first janitorial and carpet cleaning services in Vancouver.

By manufactured and formulated we mean that all the products and methods used to create the EcoLogo products are Green themselves. From beginning to end Metropolitan believes that making the change for the better needs to happen on every level.


Green products in use

Green Certified Products

• EcoLogo Certified Glass Cleaner
• EcoLogo Certified Disinfectant Cleaner
• EcoLogo Certified Degreaser Floor Cleaner
• EcoLogo Certified Floor Wax (floor finish)
• EcoLogo Certified Speed Stripper
• EcoLogo Certified Cream Cleanser for Toilets and Sinks
• EcoLogo Certified Bowl and Urinal Cleanser
• EcoLogo Certified Foaming Clear Hand Soap
• EcoLogo Certified Single Fold and Multi-Fold Hand Towels
• EcoLogo Certified Standard and Deluxe Bathroom Tissue
• EcoLogo Certified Garbage Bags
• EcoLogo Certified Encap Carpet Cleaner
• EcoLogo Certified Emulsifier Carpet Cleaner
• EcoLogo Certified Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner
• EcoLogo Certified Urinal Block W/ Screen
• and many other “Green” type products in every area of cleaning


Here are a few other green products Metropolitan presently uses:

• Where requested we will vacuum with a hepa filter
• Low VOC Carpet Pre-Spray
• Biodegradable Roll Toweling for Hands and Bathroom Tissue
• MicroFibre cloths – have replaced the ” dust cloth” method that basically pushes the dirt around the area that is being cleaned instead of capturing the soil and removing it. MicroFibre
cloths are specially designed to hold the dust and dirt thereby removing the soil from your premises.
• plus more…


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