Categories Employees
Salary $15 to start
Location Surrey
Job Information

Metropolitan is looking for a confident, ambitious individual, full of character who is ready to do a job
that is full of heavy lifting of up to 100 pounds, carrying heavy equipment up staircases, holding 50
pound telescopic poles that reach 3-stories high with water gushing out of them and washing windows
like this for 8 hours, also strenuous technical jobs, and plenty of slippery, dirty, messy, smelly work.

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This job will keep you physically fit and also requires the applicant to have a keen eye, and be responsible,
ready to clean up after themselves, to catch their mistakes and quickly fix them, and be ready to take
instructions and follow them accordingly.

We are only Hiring people who apply from Surrey!!!!!

You will be expected to know or learn the following:

Inside Window Washing
Outside Window Washing with Tucker Poles
Dust mopping, Wet Mopping, and Wax Mopping
Floor Strip, Seal, and Wax jobs
Pressure Washing
Vacuuming, Dusting, and Washroom Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning with Portable Units
Carpet Cleaning with Truck Mount Unit
Bonnet Cleaning

Alarm deactivation and activation
How to Drive a 3/4 Ton Work Van
How to use RazorBlade Scrapers, Pump Sprayers, Stair Buffers
How to use Janitorial and Carpet cleaning Chemicals and Dilutions
How to Fill out your own daily Time-sheets
Equipment maintenance

Hours are from 5 pm to 1 am – 5 days a week. With overtime on occasion.

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