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Linoleum Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

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Linoleum Maintenance Do’s and Don’tsOnce considered an outdated type of flooring found in older homes, linoleum flooring is making a comeback in many commercial facilities. One reason for its renewed popularity is that linoleum is a greener option than many other kinds of flooring, such as vinyl composite tile (VCT).Many retailers mistakenly refer to linoleum flooring as “vinyl,” and vice versa. In reality, however, vinyl and linoleum flooring are very dissimilar. While vinyl flooring is composed of chemicals that give rise to numerous environmental complications, linoleum is manufactured with natural materials. Some of linoleum’s materials include ground cork dust, rosin, eco-friendly pigments, solidified linseed oil, and limestone.Another difference between vinyl and linoleum is that vinyl’s colors and patterns are merely printed onto the surface of the flooring. Linoleum's colors, on the other hand, extend all the way through. This is why different layers of color are beautifully revealed over time as linoleum floors become more worn.


There are also significant differences in longevity between linoleum and vinyl. Linoleum floors – which can last up to 40 years in many commercial settings – are far more durable than vinyl floors.
Although linoleum has many benefits, one complication is that it needs regular maintenance if its beauty will last. Here are some important do’s and don’ts for linoleum floor care:
Linoleum Care Do’s

Do use pH-neutral cleaning solutions when cleaning linoleum. Linoleum is sensitive to high-pH and high-alkaline floor cleaners, which can cause discoloration and cracking to the floor.


Do use water-based, polymeric-type finishes for linoleum floors. Also, find out if the linoleum manufacturer recommends certain finishing products.
Do use a 175-rpm buffing machine to maintain linoleum’s shine. Also use a 175-rpm machine to strip the floor, using a red pad (or blue at the heaviest.) Anything much heavier can damage linoleum.

Do dilute floor-stripping chemicals with water as directed by the stripping chemical manufacturer’s instructions. When this step is neglected, much time is wasted and unfavorable results occur.

Do dust mop and damp mop linoleum floors daily.

Linoleum Care Don’ts

Don’t use too much water when cleaning linoleum. Otherwise, water can make its way underneath the small openings between the sheets of linoleum, resulting in mildew and other damage.

Don’t use more than two to three coats of finish for linoleum floors.

Don’t work on too large of an area at a time when stripping a linoleum floor.

Don’t allow stripping solution to completely dry on a linoleum floor.


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