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Window Washing

Exterior Window Cleaning

We provide window washing services of your:Exterior Window Washing on third floor

•  Partition Glass
•  Block Glass
•  Interior windows
•  Exterior windows up to three (3) storeys
•  Aluca Bond
•  Aluminum Overhangs
•  Glass Overhangs/Awnings
•  Awnings

Don’t let people tell you that your exterior windows need to be washed with soap. If soap is used on your windows and it is not totally rinsed off that soap can leave streaks, become sticky actually contribute to a faster dirt buildup, and pour tons of unneeded chemical into the water system.

Most soap delivery systems for telescopic window cleaning have to be running all the time, and so its most likely that soap is going to get left behind. At Metropolitan our Janitors do not use soap and have found that they are still able to remove any problem marks they come across, and finish the job with the windows sparkling.